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£9,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

All submissions are eligible for our grand prize! Who will come out on top?

Better Finance

Prize for the best solution in LBG's 'Better Finance' category

Better Retail

Prize for the best solution in Next's 'Better Retail' category

Better Security

Prize for the best solution in EY's 'Better Security' category

Better Mental Health

Prize for Gaming the Mind's 'Better Mental Health' category

Better Learning

Prize for ShowCode's 'Better Learning' category

Best University Team

The highest scoring university team

Best Bootcamp Team

The highest scoring bootcamp team

Best Company Team

The highest scoring company team

Devpost Achievements

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Judging Criteria

  • Uniqueness
    Does a similar concept/idea already exist? Think outside the box and make your idea as unique as possible
  • Viability
    Is the solution relevant, and is there an appetite for it? You must consider how likely, or unlikely, it would be for people to use the solution. Also, is it commercially viable?
  • Level-Up Society
    Does the solution actually help make society better?
  • Gamification
    Is the solution gamified, and does the gamified element actually improve the solution? The gamification needs to add value, rather than being there just for show
  • Execution
    Is there a working prototype? Is it well-designed and fully functioning? We don’t expect perfection in 48-hours, but how much have they managed to achieve?
  • Pitch
    How clear and concise can you be in 5 minutes? Make sure your pitch is well focused and really sells the solution

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